Pioneer New Media Technologies to Exhibit market-Leading DVD Products at DV EXPO 2000

Full Line of Products Span Multimedia and Storage Applications

Pioneer New Media Technologies, a leading manufacturer of industrial DVD products, will be exhibiting their comprehensive line of professional DVD products in Booth #543 at DV Expo in Long Beach, October 3-5, 2000.

At the booth, visitors will see the DVD-Recordable drive (DVR-S201), DVD-R media, industrial DVD-Video player, newly released DVD Bar'N'Coder software and the 720-disc DVD FlexLibrary.

Pioneer's award-winning, first-to-market DVD-R drive supports the DVD Forum's specifications for authoring uses. A write-once technology that can be written at 1X and read at 2X speeds and records both 3.95GB and 4.7GB discs, the DVD-R is compatible with most DVD-Video players and DVD-ROM drives. The version 2.0 specification, finalized in May by the DVD Forum, allows users to record 4.7GB of content to DVD-R media. This media has an added feature that allows a completed version 2.0 DVD-R disc to be used as a Press Cutting Master Disc, saving both time and money in the replication process.

The DRM-7000 FlexLibrary is the fastest and most advanced storage system available. An innovative modular approach offers the flexibility to accommodate any drive-to-disc ratio from a maximum of 720 discs with one drive to a minimum of 370 discs with 16 drives. Available drive options include DVD-R, DVD-ROM, and CD-R. A unique built-in memory feature enables the 20-disc Hypermagazine or a 50-disc magazine to perform off-line archiving. The FlexLibrary is also hot-swappable, meaning end-users can replace drives on the fly.

Packaged in a compact, lightweight and easy-to-operate model, Pioneer's second generation industrial DVD-Video Player (DVD-V7400) incorporates all of the most advanced functions and capabilities available. The player has built-in playback compatibility for NTSC and PAL video standards and supports video CD, CD-DA, DVD-Video and DVD hybrid discs (DVD-Video segments). Another important feature that can be found on the DVD-V7400 is the addition of component video output. The player also cuts average search times in half when accessing specific points on a DVD-Video disc. Pioneer's DVD-V7400 can be found in a variety of professional applications that include corporate presentation, education and training, point-of-purchase and information.

Pioneer has recently released DVD Bar'N'Coder Software for use with Pioneer Industrial DVD-Video players and Pioneer barcode readers. The software allows users to create and print their own DVD barcodes to target specific audio and video segments on a DVD-Video disc.

About Pioneer New Media Technologies

Pioneer New Media Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to bringing the very best leading-edge technology to market. Pioneer invented the world's first multiple-disc CD-ROM changer and offered the first multifunction optical drive capable of reading and writing to both MO and WORM. The Optical Division's products include first to market DVD-R and DVD-ROM drives; CD-ROM drives, changers and jukeboxes; optical drives; MO, WORM, and DVD-R media for a wide range of storage solutions in the education, government, legal, banking, medical, insurance, finance, industrial and general business markets. The company is a leading supplier of optical drives to the majority of first tier OEM PC manufacturers. For more information, contact Pioneer New Media Technologies, Inc. at 2265 E. 220th Street, Long Beach, Calif. 90810; phone (310) 952-2111. URL:

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