Pioneer Launches Two New External BD DVD CD Writers Compatible with USB 3.2 Gen1 and 2.0 for Windows and Mac

Further improvements in writing quality and speed, as well as a new front design

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External BD/DVD/CD Writer


Advanced model


October 2022


Standard model


Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. today unveiled its two new external BD/DVD/CD writers with USB3.2 Gen1/2.0 interface for Windows/Mac, both utilizing proprietary Pioneer technology to achieve both high reliability and 16x BD-R writing speed*1:  the BDR-X13U-S, a high-performance model offering excellent reliability and stability, and the BDR-X13UBK, a standard-setting model.

With the increasing popularity of work from home, there are more occasions to store large amounts of data at home such as work data and recordings of online meetings.

BDR-X13U-S and BDR-X13UBK are read and write compatible with BD and BDXL™ standard discs and archival optical media M-DISC. In addition to conventional high-precision writing speeds such as 16x BD-R*1, the new products support 6x writing speed to M-DISC (BD) Single Layer 25 GB and M-DISC (DVD), achieving higher writing speeds and improved writing quality*2. In addition, the BDR-X13U-S is equipped with features for enjoying music on a PC, such as PureRead 4+*3, which faithfully reads audio CD data, and RealTime PureRead*3, which reduces the frequency of data interpolation in real time. BDR-X13UBK is equipped with PureRead 3+*3.

In terms of product appearance, the front bezel and tray cover have been redesigned, all while maintaining the quietness and high dust resistance. For BDR-X13U-S, the simple design of smoked acrylic with a hairline finish from which blue light seems to emerge with floating blue light and line accents creates a high-quality feel. For BDR-X13UBK, blue LED lighting and a hairline finish together with grooves on the sides contribute to the attractive design and improve rigidity.

Other features include a new Custom Eco function that reduces the drive’s power consumption.

BDR-X13U-S product webpage
BDR-X13UBK product webpage


(1)   16x BD-R Writing*1 and BDXL Support*2

Compatible with all BDXL Blu-ray media*2. Up to 16x maximum write speed on BD-R Single Layer (SL) 25GB media*1, up to 14x maximum write speed on BD-R Dual Layer (DL) 50GB media, up to 8x maximum write speed on BD-R Triple Layer (TL) 100GB media and up to 6x maximum write speed on BD-R Quadruple Layer (QL) 128GB media.DVD-R discs (Single Layer: 4.7GB) can be written at up to 16x, while music CDs can be read at up to 48x*4 speed.


(2) The latest versions of PureRead 4+ and RealTime PureRead*3BDR-X13U-S

When read errors caused by scratches or fingerprints occur when importing (ripping) audio CDs, using this function allows for automatic detection of the disc state, adjustment of the read method using an original algorithm, and then re-reading of the disc, minimizing error data interpolation. The algorithm utilized in PureRead 4+ is also used in RealTime PureRead, reducing the incidence of data interpolation in real time and playing back audio CDs with the original sound data. BDR-X13UBK is equipped with PureRead 3+*3.


(3) Can be placed on either side

Comes with four insulators for use in a horizontal configuration and eight for use in a vertical configuration. In addition to the horizontal configuration, the drive can be placed vertically on the left or right side of the PC, allowing you to use it in a configuration that suits the layout of your workspace.

(4) Compatible with high-speed M-DISC writing for long-term data archiving*2

This product is compatible with M-DISC optical media for archiving, developed by US-based Millenniata Inc.It now also supports 6x writing on M-DISC (BD) SL and M-DISC (DVD).

M-DISC format supports M-DISC DVD/BD media (including 25GB Single Layer (SL), 50GB Dual Layer (DL) and 100GB Triple Layer (TL)).


(5) Custom Eco function helps reduce the drive's power consumption*5

If the drive does not receive any commands (instructions for operation) from the PC for a specified period, this function will reduce the drive’s power consumption, such as by stopping the disc from rotating or reducing the disc rotation speed. Shortening this specified period will make the drive enter the power saving mode earlier.


(6) AUTO power supply function links with PC power to provide power savings*6

The drive power is turned on and off according to the power supply of the connected PC, keeping unnecessary power consumption down.


(7) Drive function setting tool, Pioneer BD Drive Utility, available for download free of charge

PureRead, RealTime PureRead and Custom Eco function can be configured as well as enabled and disabled with the Pioneer BD Drive Utility.
* Drive Utility for macOS Catalina® 10.15 or later is Drive Utility Lite.
* When using Drive Utility Lite, operate without a disc inserted.


(8) CyberLink® Media Suite 10*7for Windows® OS is available for download free of charge using bundled product key.

*Application Software for macOS® is not included.  

For BDR-X13U-S

       PowerDVD® 14Ultra HD Blu-ray™*8compatible, BDXL compatible, BD/DVD playback software

       PowerDirector® 19Video editing and BD/DVD authoring software

       Power2Go® 11BDXL compatible disc writing software

       LabelPrint2.5Label design and printing software

       PhotoDirector® 10 LEPhoto editing software

       AudioDirector® 7 LEAudio editing software for video

       ColorDirector® 5 LEColor editing software for video

       MediaShow® 6 LEImage and video management software

       Screen Recorder4Live streaming and screen recording software

       MediaEspresso® (30days trial)Image transformation software

       For BDR-X13UBK

       PowerDVD 14BDXL compatible, BD/DVD playback software

       PowerDirector 19 DEVideo editing software

       Power2Go 11BDXL compatible disc writing software

       LabelPrint 2.5Label design and printing software

       PhotoDirector 10 LEPhoto editing software

       AudioDirector 7 LEAudio editing software for video

       ColorDirector 5 LEColor editing software for video

*1 The dedicated high-speed filter driver for these products must be installed. The maximum 16x writing speed for BD-R discs (Single Layer: 25GB) may not be available when the high-speed filter driver is disabled. Mac users do not need to install the high-speed filter driver.

*2 For details on supported media, please refer to the media list at

*3 Not all discs or all portions of discs may be playable if they are too damaged.

*4 When the PureRead function is turned on, priority is given to reading accuracy, and the maximum playback speed of CD audio and CD-ROM is set to 40x. The PureRead function is turned on as a default setting. This function can be configured using Pioneer BD Drive Utility.

*5 Custom Eco settings can only be changed in Windows. After changing the settings in Windows, the device can be used with a Mac.

*6 Drive power is turned off when the USB is not connected or when the drive detects that the connected PC is off.

*7 These are bundled software versions. The specifications, functions and version numbers differ for the software when offered on a stand-alone basis. Regarding bundled software, direct inquiries to the following software manufacturers. CyberLink Support Center

*8 Mac does not support Ultra HD Blu-ray playback.

Playback of Ultra HD Blu-ray™ requires a separate device that supports HDMI2.0a, HDCP2.2, HDR (recommended) standards and a CPU that supports Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) technology. Intel SGX has been removed from Intel 11th generation and newer CPUs, and support for SGX may be removed on new versions of Intel drivers or utility programs such as Intel SGX and Intel Management Engine drivers and firmware in the future. Such changes could cause these platforms to lose support for Ultra HD Blu-ray movie disc playback. For information on other PC environment requirements, download the Ultra HD Blu-ray Advisor Tool to your PC, and check.


Specifications/ Operating environment


USB 3.2 Gen1/2.0

Mounting Orientation

Horizontal or Vertical*9


160 mm(W)×50 mm(H)×220 mm(D)

6-19/64 in.(W)×1-61/64 in.(H)×8-21/32 in.(D)

Drive net weight

1.1kg (2.4 lbs)

Operating System

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1

OS X El Capitan® 10.11, macOS Sierra® 10.12, macOS High Sierra® 10.13, macOS Mojave® 10.14, macOS Catalina 10.15, macOS Big Sur® 11, macOS Monterey® 12

Included Accessories

Owner's manual (including application product key and warranty information)

USB cable (USB Type-A → USB Type-B) (1 m (3 ft. 3 in.))

AC adapter (1.2 m (3 ft. 11 in.))

Power cord (0.5 m (1 ft. 8 in.))

Insulators for horizontal placement × 4

Insulators for vertical placement × 8

For details on specifications and operating environment, please refer to the product webpage:

BDR-X13U-S product webpage
BDR-X13UBK product webpage

*9 8 cm (3-9/64˝) discs cannot be used when the unit is used in a vertical configuration. (8 cm (3-9/64˝) disc adapters cannot be used.)



Product Comparison Chart





Ultra HD Blu-ray compatible*


M-DISC compatible

BDXL compatible




Displaying PureRead mode

RealTime PureRead



Custom Ecofunction*

Display disc information

Easy Setting*

Vertical placement (both sides)

Optimum Writing Speed Feature*


Optimal Write Strategy Prediction Algorithm

Disc Record Surface Quality Mode *


DVD-R CLV fixed writing mode*



Optical Pick-up developed by Pioneer

Limit equalizer circuit for BD

Disc Resonance Stabilizer

Dust-resisting and sound-dampening front bezel


Standard front bezel


Honeycomb structure

Advanced dust-resisting and sound- dampening mechanism


Standard dust-resisting and sound- dampening mechanism


Application Software for Windows

Available for download free of charge

Available for download free of charge


Application Software for macOS

Application Software for macOS is not included.

Application Software for macOS is not included.

Pioneer BD Drive Utility

Available for download free of charge

Available for download free of charge

*Supported on Windows only. As to Custom Eco function, Custom Eco settings can only be changed in Windows. After changing the settings in Windows, the device can be used with a Mac.


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• Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.

• M-DISC is a trademark of Millenniata, Inc.

• Intel is a trademark of Intel Corporation, registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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