Pioneer Continues To Meet Growing Demands of DVD Professionals With New DVD-Video Player

At InfoComm today Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. introduces its next-generation, full-featured industrial DVD-video player designed for professional applications.  The DVD-V8000 builds upon its predecessor’s advanced capabilities to provide users with a robust feature set that delivers improved durability and exceptional picture quality.  The player’s new form factor allows for easier rack mounting; a new front panel LCD display and navigation keys on the front panel allow for enhanced ease of use; and USB interfaces allow connectivity for a computer mouse, USB Flash Memory or handwriting device.

“To meet the continually advancing needs of professional users, a product needs to combine the highest level of reliability and flexibility to maintain its usage now and in the future,” said Linda Toleno, vice president of sales industrial DVD-Video products at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.  “Our DVD-V8000 brings professional DVD-Video to the next level with an advanced feature set that includes our own proven technologies along with the user-friendly capabilities that make it an ideal choice for industrial applications.”

Rugged Durability
Ideally suited for industrial applications that require constant operation in high traffic environments, the DVD-V8000 is Pioneer’s most rugged industrial DVD-Video player with a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) rating of 50,000 hours. All drive components are enclosed in a sealed, dustproof case with a brushless spindle motor for the disc drive and a stepping motor is employed to protect the optical drive.

Advanced Control
For advanced control, the DVD-V8000 offers 9-pin and 15-pin serial interfaces that employ the full range of RS-232C commands.  The 15-pin connector also supports the ability to build custom button input devices to control the player.  Two front panel USB interfaces and one in the rear allow users to connect a computer mouse or special handwriting device. .  Connection of a memory device to the USB ports allows users to load and save their preferred player settings, as well as any command stack data. 

Superior Image Quality
The DVD-V8000 features a new DVI-D digital video terminal (HDCP 1.0 compliant) and the user can choose to upscale the picture resolution to as much as 1920x1080i when connected to a HD display for delivery of the highest quality digital images from standard definition DVD-Video.  To ensure high-quality digital video reproduction, 12-bit/216MHz video DAC, digital filters and digital noise reduction technologies are included, as well as Composite, S-Video and Component analog video output terminals. 

Additional product highlights include:

   * RS-232C Interfaces – Enables connection to a touch screen, computer or custom control device for maximum control of the player and playback of DVD Video, Video CD and CD audio discs via two RS-232C connectors;
   * Monitor Output (Onscreen Display) – Allows for the user to simultaneously play and review video information (timer, chapter, title) without on-screen information being displayed on the main video outputs for Composite, Component, S-Video and DVI-D;
   * External Sync Playback – A professional feature that enables synchronization and clean switching between multiple DVD players and other video sources via an external black burst sync signal through the EXT SYNC IN terminals;
   * Pass Through – The player can accept an external video input source via the composite connection, and the user can switch the composite output of the player to display either signal.  This switching can be controlled through the front-panel buttons, RS-232 or the command stack feature;
   * Command Stack GUI – The graphics user interface (GUI) allows for easy creation and use of command stack operations; allows the user to save video play lists that will automatically control playback via “stacks” of linked instructions making it ideal for demonstrations and display presentations. Save the play lists on USB Flash Memory for loading to other DVD-V8000 players;
   * Frame Search – A flagship feature of Pioneer’s industrial DVD-Video players, the DVD-V8000 offers the precision of fast, frame accurate search, cue and stop functions, making it the ideal choice for high-performance application environments.
   * Internal Timer & Power On Start –These functions allows the user to set the player for on, off and play at designated times or days of the week.

The DVD-V8000 supports playback of both NTSC and PAL format for the following media types and formats: DVD-Video, DVD-R/-RW Video Format, DVD-RW VR Format (CPRM compliant), Dual layer DVD-R Video Format, Video-CD, CD-Audio, CD-R/-RW Audio.

The DVD-V8000 will be available in July 2006.