Pioneer Offers After-Ride Analysis on Riders' Smartphones with New Cyclo-Sphere Mobile App

New App Offers Segment Analysis, Workout List/Ride History, Ranking, Training Assist and More to Help Cyclists Achieve Their Performance Goals

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.’s Cycle Sports Division today announced Cyclo-Sphere Mobile, a new iPhone® application created to support cyclists riding with Pioneer’s line of Single Leg and Dual Leg Power Meters. Cyclo-Sphere Mobile app is an extension of Cyclo-Sphere®, Pioneer’s free online cloud service created for after-ride analysis. The new app takes primary ride data collected in Cyclo-Sphere and reformats it for mobile use with a simple-to-use interface that is fast, powerful and available on the cyclist’s iPhone. Cyclo-Sphere Mobile features three new functions exclusive to the new app: Segment Analysis, Ranking and Training Assist.1

“Ask any cyclists and they’ll admit that the first thing they do when they’re back from a ride is check out their stats, was my max power better than last time, did I ride faster than my friends on this route. Our new Cyclo-Sphere Mobile app puts the metrics and data analysis cyclists want access to when they’re away from their computers and only have an iPhone available for ride breakdown. If cyclists want more detailed pedaling data and analysis, they always have the option of using Cyclo-Sphere on their PC,” said Russ Johnston, executive vice president of marketing and corporate communications for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “Our new app is designed to make it easier for cyclists to keep track of their progress in order to improve performance and achieve their goals, whether it’s winning a race or just beating their friends.”


  • Workout List /Ride History
    • Details of workout history of primary metrics from each ride.
  • Segment Analysis
    • For cyclists looking to beat their best, the Segment Analysis feature makes it easy to analyze a specific segment within a ride, i.e. a difficult stretch of road or a tough hill, which will then be recorded on subsequent rides for easy comparison. GPS on the cycle computer will automatically record ride data when the cyclist hits the designated start and stop points. The feature is ideal for comparing efforts and pedaling techniques, as well as seated versus standing metrics.
  • Comprehensive Analysis
    • Provides detailed history of a wide range of cycling metrics over a rider’s career including total power data, pedaling data and Training Peaks® Normalized Power (NP) and Training Stress Score (TSS).
  • MMP Graphs
    • Instant access to the rider’s MMP (Mean Maximum Power) and corresponding power intervals (within the range from one second to three hours).
  • Ranking
    • Riders can see how they stack up against other riders within the Pioneer power meter community. Active Cyclo-Sphere users can compare themselves based on power, MMP, training volume and other metrics.
  • Training Assist
    • Training Assist helps riders maximize use of their power meters through three structured training courses divided into 28 easy-to-use training modules. Designed to help riders improve cycling performance by using the power meter more effectively, the program is suitable for riders of all skill levels and experience, including weekend warriors and those who would not consider hiring a coach but want to use a power meter more effectively to improve cycling performance. The feature enables users to learn and grow at their own pace. The modules within each course are consecutive; each module builds on the previous effort/exercise. Users start with the fundamentals of bike training and work their way through basic to advanced training programs and power meter metrics. More experienced riders who already train with Pioneer’s power meters can take advantage of two additional features critical to any serious cyclist’s training: Interval Timer for setting up personalized interval efforts and Threshold Training, which includes an MMP Challenge and FTP Testing.

Riders interested in more advanced features and deeper after-ride analysis have the option to access the full Cyclo-Sphere via their PC. Cyclo-Sphere on the computer offers the most comprehensive and detailed breakdown of the ride event with 199 performance metrics illustrated in detail utilizing a variety of graphs, charts and maps including:

  • Extensive Analysis – Power data, force vector pedaling data, pedaling efficiency data and MMP power graphs
  • Training Peaks Metric Analysis – NP, TSS and Intensity Factor
  • Data Auto-Forwarding – Auto-forward ride data to popular training and community sites such as Training Peaks, Strava® and Today’s Plan™

The Cyclo-Sphere Mobile app is being demonstrated at Interbike 2017 for the first time and will available to download in late fall. For more information on the Cyclo-Sphere Mobile app and Pioneer’s power meter systems, visit

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Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., headquartered in Torrance, Calif., is a preeminent manufacturer of leading-edge technology solutions for the mobile electronics aftermarket. Its affiliate Pioneer Automotive Technologies, Inc. (PAT) is a key supplier for Tier 1 automotive entertainment systems and components to vehicle manufactures. Pioneer is focused on creating the ultimate in-car entertainment experience with high performance audio and video components as well as connectivity with today’s smart devices. Building on more than 75 years of electronics experience, Pioneer has expanded into the cycle sports industry, designing world-class power meters and cycle computers for professional athletes and cycling enthusiasts.

1 To take advantage of the metrics and graphs available in the app, riders must use Pioneer’s SGX-CA500 GPS Cycle Computer and create an account on Cyclo-Sphere, and actively use the service.

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