Pioneer Demonstrates the Next Evolution of Its Expanded Sensor Network System at Interbike 2017

Rider Form and Function Meet Power Meter Metrics to Improve Power Efficiency

Pioneer continues to work on the next generation of power analysis, demonstrating the next evolution of its Expanded Sensor Network (ESN) system, first exhibited at Interbike 2016. The ESN System was created to evaluate the cyclist’s body position and pedaling technique. The second iteration of the system focuses on two metrics, biomechanical input (form and function) from the rider and the rider’s power output, creating the ultimate analysis tool to provide comprehensive data for bike fitters and cycling coaches to improve rider performance. The 2017 version improves on what was presented last year by eliminating the sensors required to capture form and replacing them with a motion capture system (two cameras combined with Pioneer’s proprietary ESN computer analysis program). This change enables the system to be used with any bike and reduces overall cost to the user. Additionally, Pioneer recognizes that metrics such as body position, body stability, hip angle, knee angle and ankle angle are important for maximizing efficiency and power output of a rider. The newly redesigned ESN System will now show dynamic body movement and position along with optimum torque location and optimum ankle stability and position.

The ESN System being demonstrated at Interbike 2017 provides detail of a cyclist's form and function on the bike and combines it with the cyclist's power output and efficiency to offer a more dynamic analysis of the rider’s on-bike performance. The ESN System collects rider data using a series of 12 power meter sensors (strain gauges and accelerometers) and a two-camera motion capture system with 12 capture markers (near each joint to identity the motion by the position or angles between the markers). Four new metrics for performance analysis are created from this captured data:

  • Bike Fit Metrics
    • Motion capture system can dynamically show body stability, hip angle and knee angle
    • Rider position can be analyzed by bike fitters and coaches to adjust riding technique/style, which can result in improved pedaling force and higher pedaling efficiency
  • Pedal Technique Metrics
    • Motion capture system can dynamically show pedal and ankle angle
    • Identifying ankle angle and pedal angle provides information the rider can analyze to determine if he or she has the proper muscles engaged in the stroke rotation
  • Power and Efficiency Metrics
    • The Pioneer power meter displays HDPower Metrics for force direction and force intensity for both positive and negative directions.
    • Force vectors offer the rider the ability to analyze the unique characteristics of his or her pedal stroke and calculate pedaling efficiency
  • Torque Zone Analysis
    • Motion captured rider pedaling input and form is analyzed along with rider output measured by Pioneer’s HD Power Meter to display an efficient “Torque Zone” result
    • Torque Zone result is maximized when the rider’s pedal is fixed through the 12 to 5 pedal stroke area. A fixed pedal position achieves more efficient transfer of power to the pedal from the leg muscle.
    • The unique ESN System combines rider form input and rider power output to determine the effective torque zone in the stroke rotation. The fixed pedal and ankle position can provide more effective power transfer from the leg muscle to the pedal, thus widening the torque zone and producing more effective power

“Our advanced power meter technology used with the new rider form data provided by the ESN System creates a powerful tool for coaches and bike fitters to help their clients develop better riding form and further define improved pedaling technique for maximum power efficiency. We are confident the system’s end result will prove indispensable for achieving the rider’s cycling goals,” said Russ Johnston, executive vice president of marketing and corporate communications for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “We are using Interbike 2017 as a testing ground. We want to get feedback from coaches and bike fitters so that we can commercialize the ESN System in the near future. We are excited to hear what people have to say about the system at the show and we welcome feedback.”

In addition to the Expanded Sensor Network demonstration, at the booth Pioneer will also be exhibiting:

  • Power meter availability for the new Shimano® ULTEGRA® R8000 HOLLOWTECH® II crankset
    • Pre-installed Dual Leg Power Meter and Single Leg Power Meter, and Power Meter Kit
  • Pioneer Cyclo-Sphere Mobile Application – the new application for iPhone® created to support cyclists riding with Pioneer’s line of Single Leg and Dual Leg Power Meters. The Cyclo-Sphere Mobile app is an extension of Cyclo-Sphere®, Pioneer’s free online cloud service created for after-ride analysis. The new app takes primary ride data collected in Cyclo-Sphere and reformats it for mobile use with a simple-to-use interface that is fast, powerful and available on the cyclist’s iPhone. Cyclo-Sphere Mobile features three new functions exclusive to the new app: Segment Analysis, Ranking and Training Assist.

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