Pioneer Electronics Introduces Their Latest Addition to the High End CD Changer Category

Pioneer Electronics, the creator of the 100 disc + changer category, introduces a true audiophile "Giga" 301 disc changer-- the Elite PD-F27. With advanced features such as Legato Link, CDRW read capability, Burr Brown digital-to-analog converters, and PS/2 keyboard connection to PD-F27 is sure to please even the discriminating of consumers.

The Elite PD-F27 is uniquely manufactured with a Pioneer designed center loading mechanism. By placing this mechanism in the center of the disc player, the physical size of the player (16- 9/16" wide) remains the same as a 100-disc changer, while storing an unprecedented 301 discs. Consisting of approximately one-third the amount of parts as the competition, the Elite PD-F27 is the cornerstone of efficient manufacturing. With fewer moving parts, Pioneer's exclusive center loading device sets a new standard for reliability in mass storage CD changers.

The Elite PD-F27 is powered by a Burr Brown 24-bit conversion system, which employs Pioneer's built-in Hi-Bit processor to deliver improved signal resolution and extremely low noise from standard 16-bit audio CDs. It also features Pioneer Elite's proprietary Legato Link conversion process that restores frequencies, above 20khz, that are lost during the digital recording process. Beautifully finished in Pioneer Elite's trademark Urushi high gloss finish, the Elite PD-F27 features a keyboard input for disc titling, both optical and coaxial digital outputs, CD Text, 10 custom filing modes for user convenience. A second audio link is included allowing a second 301 disc "Giga" changer to be connected and controlled as a slave unit.

The Elite PD-F27 is available in now at a suggested retail price of $600.00