Pioneer's New Line of Shallow Subwoofers are Slim on Size but Big On Sound Quality and Performance

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., today introduced a new line of shallow subwoofers that generate more bass in less space. The TS-SW301 (12-inch) and TS-SW251 (10-inch) shallow subwoofers are less than 3.5-inches deep and require an extremely small enclosure making them the ideal subwoofers for consumers who want the added benefits of bass in their cars but are not fond of the inconvenience associated with large subwoofer enclosures.

“Pioneer’s ‘air suspension’ technology allows the subwoofers to perform like conventional subwoofers of the same size without the necessity of a large speaker enclosure,” said Larry Rougas, vice president of marketing and product planning for the mobile business group of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “These shallow subwoofers can be installed into enclosures less than half the size of conventional drivers, so they can be placed in areas of the vehicle that lack space such as under or behind seats.”

Pioneer created a unique air suspension control system that seals air into a pocket between two speaker cones the front main cone and the rear (internal) drive cone, which replaces the traditional “spider” found on conventional subwoofers. The pressure created in this pocket creates an “air suspension system” that requires less enclosure volume to control the speaker cone, without sacrificing sound quality or performance. The end result is smooth and linear cone movement that produces tight, accurate bass response.

The subwoofer is packed with additional new features including C-type shaped reinforced nodes, M-shaped three-layer fiber woven radial surround, interlaced ultra-long glass fiber reinforced IMMP cone, large magnet circuitry and 2-piece T-pole yoke – all of which help produce great audio quality for this extremely shallow speaker. Because of the air suspension technology, the subwoofer requires much less than the standard 1.0 cubic foot of enclosure volume to perform at its optimal level.

The rear of the subwoofer features a stamped metal “fin-shape” directional basket directing air movement sideways, to eliminate the “loading effect” when the rear of the subwoofer is installed too close to the wall of a speaker enclosure. Additional features of the subwoofer include increased input power capabilities and spring loaded input terminals.

The TS-SW251 and TS-SW301 are available at a suggested price of $140 and $160, respectively.

Pioneer has also created the TS-SWX310 “ready-to-play” subwoofer enclosure pre-loaded with one 12-inch TS-SW301 subwoofer. The slim wedge-shaped box is built to the optimal specifications of the subwoofer and is perfect for applications behind the seats of many pick-up trucks, SUVs or other vehicles where space is at a premium. The enclosure is made of reinforced medium density fiberboard (MDF), wrapped in high-quality black carpet with an embroidered Pioneer logo. The TS-SWX310 will be available in March 2008 with a suggested price of $250.

Pioneer’s Mobile Business Group is known for offering the kind of in-car products that make driving more enjoyable by offering high quality audio and video, advanced connectivity and ease-of-use. Its focus is on the development of new digital technologies including audio, video, navigation and satellite radio, while maintaining its strong heritage in products for car audio enthusiasts and sound competitors. The company markets its products under the Pioneer and Premier brand names. When purchased from an authorized dealer, consumers receive a limited warranty for one year with Pioneer products and two years for Premier products.

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. is headquartered in Long Beach, Calif., and its U.S. Web address is Its parent company, Pioneer Corporation, is a leader in optical disc technology and a preeminent manufacturer of high-performance audio, video and computer equipment for the home, car and business markets. The company focuses on four core business domains including Blu-ray Disc and DVD, display technologies, navigation and Digital Network Entertainment.™

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Maximum Music Power

800 Watts

1,000 Watts

Nominal Power Handling

200 Watts

250 Watts

Frequency Response

20Hz ~ 144Hz

20Hz ~ 114Hz

Sensitivity (Efficiency)

89 dB

91 dB


4 Ohm

4 Ohm

Magnet Weight

36 oz

55 oz

Recommended Enclosure Size

0.45 cu. ft. 

(0.35 ~ 0.7 cu. ft.)

0.65 cu. ft.

(0.5 ~ 1.0 cu. ft.)

Suggested Price




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