Universal Dock for A/V Receivers

  • Supplied A/V Cable
  • Dock Adapter - For use with iPod mini
  • Remote Control


  • Listen to your iPod® music library through your A/V receiver and home theater speakers.
  • On-screen menu display of your music, photo, and video libraries
  • Watch video and view photo albums on your television. The supplied remote control allows navigation through all iPod functions.
  • Charges your iPod at all times


  • The Pioneer® IDK-01 serves as a convenient and elegant home base for your iPod player. Works with all iPod models that have a dock connector through the use of interchangeable inserts called Dock Adapters.


  • Adapters snap into the Pioneer IDK-01 Universal Dock to provide a snug fit for any iPod with a dock connector. Package includes adapters for: iPod mini; iPod with click wheel (20GB, 40GB/U2 Special Edition); iPod with color display (20GB/30GB/U2 Special Edition, 40GB/60GB). New iPods already include adapters.


  • The Pioneer iPod Universal Dock provides audio and video connectivity to your A/V receiver through analog left and right audio, composite RCA video, and S-Video outputs. RCA Audio and Composite video cable included.


  • Experience your iPod from across the room. The supplied remote provides access to all iPod functions. A Pioneer SR port provides custom remote control options.


About iPod Compatibility - All iPod models with Dock connector are compatible with the iPod AV Connection Kit. Different iPod models offer different capabilities. Specifications and design subject to modification without notice.

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