Common CDJ-900 FAQs

+ Feature (34)

  1. What are the number of characters that can be displayed with the CDJ-2000?
  2. What sort of function is "library"?
  3. Can I connect a USB keyboard to the CDJ?
  4. What is the resume function?
  5. What is the max range the tempo can be changed?
  6. What is the super fast search function?
  7. How many cue/loop points can be stored in the memory?
  8. When a LOOP is set with quantizing ON, the loop "in point" is off beat.
  9. I have adjusted LOOP END to the short side and am using this as an effect, but the sound is different from the CDJ-1000MK3.
  10. Is it possible to record cue and loop points on an external USB hard disk in the same way as on a USB flash memory or SD memory card?
  11. What is the order in which music files recorded on USB storage devices are played (including cases in which there is a folder structure and files of different formats)?
  12. Can analog and digital audio signals be output simultaneously?
  13. Is relay play possible when a Pioneer DJ player (allowing relay playback) is connected to the CDJ-2000/900? Also, is the fader start function possible with a compatible Pioneer DJM mixer?
  14. Can you explain very simply what the browsing function is?
  15. What is the folder browsing function? And what about library browsing?
  16. It seems that there are browsing operations that can be performed on both USB storage devices and on discs, others that can only be performed on one or the other. Just what can be done with USB storage devices and what can be done with discs?
  17. Previous DJ players were called "CD players", so why is this product called a "multi-player"?
  18. Does the CDJ-900 support DVD-R playback?
  19. What is "Slip" mode?
  20. Does the CDJ-900 display have a waveform?
  21. How can I tell where the current play position is on the waveform?
  22. Can the angled screen be moved up or down?
  23. Is the display a touch-screen?
  24. What is the half-frame feature and how does it work?
  25. How does the player history work?
  26. How quickly can I scroll through a long list of songs?
  27. No FLAC support?
  28. What about m3u Playlist files?
  29. How can I quickly search through the massive amounts of music I have on my drive?
  30. Can I connect a USB hub?
  31. Can the software create autobeat loops?
  32. Can I create or modify the playlists directly on the CDJ Player ?
  33. When a track analyzed with rekordbox is played on the CDJ, the quantize function does not turn on.
  34. I created a library in rekordbox, but library browsing on the CDJ is not possible (folder browsing is possible)

+ Link (8)

+ USB / SD Memory (17)

  1. Operation is sometimes slow when browsing.
  2. What is the maximum size of USB memory device or USB hard disk that can be used?
  3. What does "mass storage class" mean (referring to USB devices)?
  4. What USB memory and USB hard disk formats are supported?
  5. What is the maximum number of files and folders supported?
  6. When browsing folders, how is the order in which tracks on USB memory devices, USB hard disks or SD memory cards are played determined?
  7. It takes a long time for the un-analyzed USB memory device, hard disc or SD memory to load. (several minutes or more).
  8. Can power be supplied from the USB port when a portable hard disk is connected?
  9. The USB memory device or USB hard disk is not recognized.
  10. Cue and loop points of tracks on USB memory devices, USB hard disks or SD memory cards cannot be stored in the memory.
  11. Tracks are not registered in the HISTORY.
  12. What is the recommended format for USB memory devices and USB hard disks to be used on the CDJ-2000?
  13. The USB memory device or USB hard disk is recognized on the computer, but not on the CDJ-2000.
  14. Can I connect and play an iPod?
  15. "USB FULL" is displayed and memory cue registration is not possible even though there is free space on the USB memory device or USB hard disk.
  16. USB memory devices or USB hard disks in HFS format cannot be used.
  17. When I press the USB STOP key while playing a track on a USB memory device, the volume of the sound be played lowers.

+ Operation (4)

  1. Sometimes nothing happens when I press the MEMORY key.
  2. Sometimes I cannot set cue points.
  3. Is the entire disc loaded in the memory for scratching?
  4. Is the looping operation seamless?

+ PC Control (15)

  1. What can be done by connecting the CDJ-2000/900 with a computer using a USB cable?
  2. To connect to a computer, is it enough just to connect the USB cable?
  3. What is the "driver software"?
  4. Where can I get the latest version of the driver software?
  5. When I connect DJ software, the characters of the track information for MP3, AAC and other files are not displayed properly.
  6. What does it mean when you say "DJ software can be controlled without using a special control disc"?
  7. How is the driver software installed and uninstalled?
  8. What are the MIDI connection specs?
  9. Can the CDJ-900 be used as a sound device?
  10. I set the sound setting on the computer to the CDJ-900, but the sound of the computer is not produced from the CDJ-900.
  11. Is there driver software for Macintosh computers?
  12. What settings should I make to use multiple CDJs as sound devices on a Mac?
  13. Is it possible to use PC control (MIDI operations, etc.) while playing USB storage devices or CDs?
  14. What is HID mode?
  15. When other vendor's DJ software is used with CDJ-2000/CDJ-900, is additional soundcard required ?

+ Play back (5)

  1. While playing music files, the E8304 or E8305 error message is displayed and playback is not longer possible.
  2. The time is not displayed in the "REMAIN" mode.
  3. Can SACDs be played?
  4. Is the CDJ-2000/900 compatible with music formats other than MP3?
  5. Is there a buffer memory for preventing sound from skipping?

+ Setting (1)

  1. I can't change the player number with the UTILITY menu.

+ Auto Cue (2)

  1. For some tracks, playback starts in the same place even when I change the auto cue level.
  2. Sometimes when I cue and pause at the beginning of a track there is sound, even though there is not supposed to be any sound there.

+ BPM (1)

  1. When I play the same track on the CDJ-2000/900 and on another CDJ player, the BPM display is different.

+ Compatibility (1)

  1. Are cue and loop points recorded on USB storage devices compatible between the CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900?

+ Pacemaker (6)

  1. What is the "Pacemaker"?
  2. What can be done with a Pacemaker by itself?
  3. What are the advantages of using a Pacemaker connected to the CDJ-2000?
  4. What is "Pacemaker Editor"?
  5. How can a Pacemaker be connected to the CDJ-2000?
  6. Can Pacemaker Editor be controlled with the CDJ-2000?