DEX-P99RS receiver image
DEX-P99RS CD/USB/Tuner main unit with commemorative 80th Anniversary aluminum plate

Advanced, graceful design with an aluminum plate in rose gold
The front control panel is adorned with a bespoke aluminum plate in rose gold. The plate is marked with the words “80th Anniversary Model.”

High-quality audio design taking advantage of Pioneer’s expertise and technological achievements in automotive sound reproduction
The DEX-P99RS provided in the package features high-quality components optimized for audio performance including the floating point 32-bit high-precision arithmetic processing DSP, engineered and designed utilizing the expertise accumulated in the development of the Pioneer carrozzeria X family of products, Pioneer’s highest performing automotive audio components offered exclusively in the Japanese market.


DEX-P99RS amps image
PRS-D800 250 W×2 Bridgeable power amplifier with commemorative 80th Anniversary silk printing

Advanced, graceful design with special silk screening in rose gold
The PRS-D800 features a graceful, sophisticated design with a hairline-finish aluminum top plate adorned with the words “80th Anniversary Model” silk-printed in special rose gold-color ink.

Singular in purpose, but flexible in application
The PRS-D800 power amplifier supports a multitude of configuration options while maintaining excellent sound quality and measured performance. With the ability to reproduce the full audio spectrum for use with full range automotive loudspeakers, but also maintaining the flexibility to be used in band limited, stereo or bridged mono applications over a wide nominal output impedance range, this amplifier represents the building block upon which the 80th Anniversary package is built.


TS-Z65CH 2-way speakers image
TS-Z65CH 6.5" separate 2-way speaker with commemorative 80th Anniversary design

Touched by gold
The Pioneer logo badging is exclusive to the package models, with gold-color highlights on the rim. The TS-Z65CH also features gold-plated terminals on both the crossover network and woofer lugs, indicating commemorative status in addition to offering superior anti-corrosion properties.

Open & Smooth
The TS-Z65CH was designed following Pioneer’s Open & Smooth automotive loudspeaker concept2. Achieving both extended high frequency bandwidth to support High-res audio and expanding the dynamic range with low distortion, Open & Smooth also provides smooth off-axis frequency response optimized specifically for the off-center listening position required in automotive audio reproduction.


ts-z10ls4 subwoofer image
TS-Z10LS4 10" Subwoofer with commemorative 80th Anniversary design

Touched by gold
The TS-Z10LS4 subwoofer features gold-plated input terminals, reflecting its commemorative status while also offering superior anti-corrosion properties.

Fast, detailed and extended bass with tremendous impact and clarity
Combining high fidelity and high output in a compact, shallow design, the Z subwoofer offers both high performance and superior installation flexibility compared to conventional deep basket subwoofers. As a result, the placement of the Z subwoofer can be optimized for sound quality and bass reinforcement, unlike conventional subwoofers that must be installed simply where they physically fit.


1Other than the special colors and badging and gold-plated woofer lugs and input terminals, the main unit, amplifiers, speakers and subwoofer consist of the same technology and components as Pioneer’s non-commemorative models, available separately (excluding PRS-D800 power amplifier). Rose gold- and gold-color ink, badges and aluminum plates indicates appearance only and not real gold.

2 Sound concept based on wide directional dispersion characteristics due to the ability to utilize a low crossover frequency with low distortion over the entire operating frequency range. “Open” represents the perceived sound stage and reproduction characteristics that enhance the widening effect, even when installed in less than optimal vehicle speaker locations. This perceived stereo image extends beyond the space between the speakers. “Smooth” represents the smooth and seamless frequency response as the audio playback transitions back and forth between the woofer and the tweeter.

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