What better way to make the miles fly for your rear seat passengers than with a movie, video game or TV program? We can't think of one. It's not only possible with this incredible overhead display, it's amazingly simple. Just tilt the screen down and press play. So the people in the front don't have to be distracted by all the back seat fun, it even comes with wired and wireless headphone outputs. And for you utilitarians out there, you'll be pleased to know we've built in two lights to illuminate backseat activities.

  • 6.5 inch/16.9
  • Yes
  • 3 (1 Composite input on front panel for portable device)
  • 1 (Composite)
  • Channel, Menu, Power, Video Select and Volume Control
  • For Wireless Headphones
  • With Volume Control
  • pass-through for non-Pioneer Source unit