8x Slim Portable USB 2.0 DVD/CD burner. Ultra lightweight. USB bus powered. Nero Software Included.

  • One of the smallest and lightest DVD/CD burners
  • Easily connects to PC through two USB 2.0 ports
  • USB Bus Powered - No AC Adaptor needed
  • Up to 8x DVD-R/+R writing speed


Suggested Price: $49.99

    Frequently Asked Questions for the DVR-XD10


    1. - Are both USB connectors needed for operation?

    Answer: Some computers output less power than others through the USB ports. On some PCs, one USB cable is enough, but to be safe and to avoid write errors, connecting both USB cables is highly recommended.


    2. - How can I get my disc out of the drive when it’s not powered?

    Answer: There is a lever on the bottom of the drive. Moving the lever back will cause the cover to open even when there is no power applied to the drive.


    3. - Can I use the DVR-XD10 with other software?

    Answer: The DVR-XD10 may work with other software in a Windows 7, Vista, or XP SP3 environment. In a limited way, it will even work with Mac OS X software. 


    4. - Does the DVR-XD10 work in a Mac OS X environment?

    Answer: Although Pioneer does not guarantee operation with Mac OS X, being that the drive is connected through USB, the drive can operate in a Mac OS X environment (tested with Mac OS X 10.6.7). The drive should be able to read and write to DVD, and CD media but it depends on the Mac OS software (finder/disc utility/etc). Video playback also depends on the Mac OS software. Note that the bundled Nero software does not work in the Mac OS X environment. Read and write performance will not be the same in a Mac OS X environment.


    5. - Can I use the drive in a vertical orientation?

    Answer: No, the drive should only be used in a horizontal (lying down) orientation.


    6. - Can I connect the DVR-XD10 to a PC through a USB hub?

    Answer: If the USB hub is powered (AC adapter), the DVR-XD10 may work, however the drive’s read and write speed may be reduced. The DVR-XD10 will not work if the USB hub is not powered.



    Have additional questions? 

    Contact Pioneer Technical Support at: 800-872-4159