Award-Winning Products Help Pioneer Corner the Market on DVD Recording

An award-winning line of DVD recorders is bringing Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. one step closer to its goal of becoming the global leader in DVD technology.

In the summer of 1998, before most of the public knew what DVD meant, Pioneer President Kaneo Ito announced a new vision for the company, which identified four business objectives to harness its heritage of superior optical and display technology. That vision included:  establishing global leadership in DVD, achieving a successful business in next-generation display systems, securing a leadership role in Digital Home Networks, and continuing strategic development of key technologies and components. The company is on track with all of the goals laid out as part of the new vision.

Continuing its strong leadership in the DVD category, Pioneer has consistently used its engineering expertise to pursue product differentiation in all areas of DVD technology. As a result of high quality engineering and fuller, feature-rich product offerings, the company has become known as a DVD leader, gaining significant market share in an arena where competition is fierce.

"The holiday season was an absolute success, in part because of our strong foundation of DVD recording products in the market. This is a strong move forward towards Pioneer's goal of achieving twenty five percent market share globally for DVD recording,” said Tom Haga, president and chief operating officer for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.

For home recorders, Pioneer expects the mix of products in the market will be split fifty-fifty between hard drive based DVD recorders and non-hard drive recorders. With a wide range of products that couple hard drive and DVD recording, Pioneer will continue to succeed in the higher-end of the category. On the computer side, Pioneer will strive to maintain the top spot globally with a continued strong presence in both OEM and Pioneer branded computer drives at retail.

Optical disc technology has been at the forefront of Pioneer's research and development since the early 1980s when the company first introduced Laser Disc technology. Laser Disc evolved into DVD and Pioneer has continued to advance the technology and bring it into a large number of homes. Moving toward the near future, Pioneer will be pursuing the next level of recording, which includes: faster record speeds, dual layer recording, and high definition recording using Blu-ray technology.

Pioneer offers a range of DVD recorders for the home which include the following products:

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