Pioneer DDJ-S1 DJ Controller Now Compatible with Serato DJ Software

Pioneer announces compatibility of the Serato® DJ software with its DDJ-S1 DJ controller, replacing the bundled Serato ITCH® software. Serato DJ improves functionality and performance of the DDJ-S1 and adds a range of creative features and functions including Slip, Hot Cue Fader Start, Roll and audio effects from iZotope®1.

Current owners of the DDJ-S1 can update to Serato DJ at no charge (DDJ-S1 firmware update Ver.1.10 also required)*.

Pioneer DDJ-S1 Controller:

The DDJ-S1 is designed to give DJs and music enthusiasts an easy way to access and play their digital music files at home or on the go.

  • Professional Layout – The controller offers the same operability and functionality of Pioneer’s professional players and mixers. The controller includes 115 mm diameter jog platters, master level meters and channel level meters for ease-of-use. The buttons and knobs of the DDJ-S1 are pre-programmed for Serato DJ (after firmware update) and can be used when connected to a PC.
  • Laptop Dock Structure – The controller is designed for slipping the keyboard of a laptop beneath the product to bring the monitor closer to the DJ for better visuals of song information.
  • Track Song Progress – The DDJ-S1 allows the user to track the progress of a song on its easy-to-read LED display. The built-in Needle Search pad enables direct access to specific parts of a music track with a simple touch of the pad.
  • Powerful Sound – The controller has been optimized for Serato DJ software for powerful and high-quality audio output.
  • Additional Features
    • XLR input/output (1 system each) for connection with PA equipment2 and additional 3 inputs/4 outputs for other devices
    • USB power through a PC3
    • Proprietary lock mechanism called the P-LOCK Fader Cap, designed to prevent fader caps from slipping
    • Two microphone inputs equipped with a talk-over function to lower the music volume when receiving voice input from the microphone
    • Built-in sound card

Pioneer DDJ-S1 DJ Controller is available with a suggested retail price of $699.

DDJ-S1 Demo Link

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*Current owners of a DDJ-S1 can update from Serato ITCH to Serato DJ free of charge. Use of Serato DJ with DDJ-S1 (Ver.1.2.0) requires DDJ-S1 firmware update (Ver.1.10).

1. New Serato DJ (Ver.1.2.0)
Download site:
Version information: Ver.1.2.0
Update content: free of charge update for Serato DJ

2. New DDJ-S1 firmware (Ver.1.10)
DJ system support site:
Version information: Ver.1.10
Update content: free of charge update for DDJ-S1 firmware

1 iZotope is an audio technology development manufacturer.
2 Device used to amplify the sound from microphones, amplifiers, speakers and other components.
3 Certain functions are restricted. The device’s bus power may not operate depending on the power supply capacity of the PC’s USB port (connect the supplied AC adapter if this happens).

Pioneer is a registered trademark of Pioneer Corporation.
Serato and ITCH are registered trademarks of Serato Audio Research Ltd.
iZotope is a registered trademark of iZotope Inc.