Advanced SPL Subwoofers from Pioneer Provide More Punch, Power and Extension

New Speaker Technologies Make Pioneer Premier SPL Subwoofers Virtually Indestructible

New technology from Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. adds power to its new line of Premier sound pressure level (SPL) subwoofers, which now can produce bass with more punch and extension. Consumers and competitors alike demand more output from their subwoofers. By applying breakthrough speaker technologies that include titanium voice coil, ceramic voice coil wire, double cone design, aluminum heat sink and extended excursion, Pioneer is delivering the sound pressure level they demand.

“Pioneer takes pride in its speaker heritage and as a company, we will continue to push the envelope in speaker technology,” said Michael Townsen, vice president of marketing for mobile entertainment at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “The new Premier SPL subwoofers highlight new technologies expected only from high dollar speakers. Pioneer brings these technologies down to affordable levels so more of our consumers will be able to appreciate them. The new subwoofers are testimony to how subwoofers should be built.”

Pioneer Premier TS-W3004SPL 12-inch and TS-W2504SPL 10-inch subwoofers were designed to withstand the output of high-powered systems. Mono digital amplifiers can produce massive output power that many conventional speakers fail to endure. Pioneer's internal components, “the engine” of the subwoofer, such as the titanium voice coil, ceramic voice coil wire and aluminum heat sink were engineered to resist as well as quickly dissipate heat, even with excessive input power. Moving parts, such as the interlaced carbon fiber/glass fiber reinforced IMPP cone and wide roll three-layer fiber radial surround were intended to improve output with the least amount of distortion. Because the intention for these subwoofers is for competitive use, Pioneer took careful consideration of each subwoofer part; such as cone structure, voice coil, suspension and motor structure, all of which can make a difference in SPL competitions.

The Pioneer Premier TS-W3004SPL and TS-W2004SPL offer the following benefits:

Pioneer Premier subwoofers will be available in dual 4-Ohm and 2-Ohm versions for maximum installation flexibility. The TS-W3004SPL can be installed in subwoofer enclosures between 0.85 ~ 1.75 cubic feet and the TS-W2004SPL between 0.65 ~ 1.25 cubic feet. Pricing and availability will be announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2005.

Pioneer's Mobile Entertainment Divisionis the leading manufacturer of audio, video and information products for in-car use. Its focus is on the development of new digital technologies including audio video, navigation and satellite radio, while maintaining its strong heritage in products for car audio enthusiasts and competitors. The company markets its products under the Pioneer and Premier brand names. When purchased from an authorized dealer, consumers receive a limited warranty for one year with Pioneer products and two years for Premier electronic products.

Pioneer Premier SPL Subwoofers

  TS-W3004SPL (4-Ohm)
TS-W3002SPL (2-Ohm)
TS-W2504SPL (4-Ohm)
TS-W2502SPL (2-Ohm)
Specifications 12-inch 10-inch
Voice Coil Dual Dual
Maximum Music Power 3000 Watts 2500 Watts
Nominal Power Handling 750 Watts 600 Watts
Frequency Response 18 ~ 2,000 Hz 18 ~ 2,500 Hz
Sensitivity (Efficiency) 89 dB 87 dB
Impedance Dual 4 Ohm / Dual 2 Ohm Dual 4 Ohm / Dual 2 Ohm
Recommended Enclosure Size .85 ~ 1.75 cu/ft .65 ~ 1.25 cu/ft
Suggested Retail Price $TBA $TBA
Availability TBA TBA
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