Reference One

TAD Reference One

Introducing a natural successor to the fabled TAD Model-1 meant preserving that speaker’s superior sonic attributes while refining details that allow the new TAD Reference One to truly live up to its name. Building on the success of its predecessor, whose reputation gained the Model-1 accolades with professional sound engineers and the critical audio press alike, the Reference One breaks new ground by delivering even greater musicality and unmatched build quality. Director of engineering Andrew Jones and his team have applied lessons learned during the exhaustive development of TAD’s Coherent Sound Transducer (CST), key to the sonic success of every TAD loudspeaker. This unique driver, which covers the frequency range from 250 Hz to a staggering 100 kHz, employs a midrange cone and tweeter dome configured concentrically. A concentric solution radiates both upper and critical mid-frequencies from a single point source, and results in rock-solid imaging and a seamless soundstage, essential to accurate sound reproduction. But more than concentricity sets the CST apart from other speakers.


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