Speaker with Ceramic Graphite Tweeter Dome and LDMC technology

• 3-way Vented Box System, Front Vented Bass Reflex
Bookshelf Type
• Bass - 6-5/16” Aramid/Carbon Composite Shell Cone (x2)
• Midrange - Concentric Unit: 5-1/2” Magnesium Cone
• Tweeter - Concentric Unit: 1-3/16 Ceramic Graphite

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Welcome to the world of the Pioneer S-4EX speaker.

Built with a new 3 cm ceramic graphite tweeter, a woofer incorporating a 35 mm diameter voice coil, reinforced dust cap structure, and ultra-linear magnetic circuit (LDMC technology), this speaker system offers a whole new way to experience sound. Designed to complement the existing S-3EX floor-standing speaker, this compact monitor speaker was created to deliver the purest of sound and almost perfect reproduction of high frequencies (up to 100 kHz) used in DVD Audio and SACD formats today.

The S-4EX incorporates our exclusive Coherent Source Transducer (CST) driver technology, utilizing a ceramic graphite tweeter mounted directly at the center of the magnesium cone midrange driver to ensure that all sound - direct and reflected - arrives at the listening position with matched timbre. Consequently, the time-aligned sound delivery is exceptionally smooth and coherent, minimizing phase and off-axis frequency response errors found in conventional drivers.

Even more notable is the innovative perfect time design with precision curve that our engineers created. Able to create a completely unique and unrivaled acoustic experience in your home, these speakers will have you yearning for more with every crystal clear note they reproduce. Delivering sound so big, so emotional, so unlike everything ever seen or heard before… your home will instantly become the ultimate performance space.

*Speakers are sold individually. Suggested price above is for the pair.




  • 3-Way Vented Box System
  • Front-Vented
  • Bass Reflex
  • Bookshelf Type



6-5/16" Aramic/Carbon Composite Shell Cone (x2)


Midrange - Concentric Unit 5-1/2" Magnesium Dome
Tweeter -  Unit 1-3/16" Ceramic Graphite HSDOM

Frequence Range

34-100,000 Hz

Sensitivity (2.83 V/1m)

85.5 db SPL


6 ohms

Maximum Power

160 Watts

Cross-Over Frequencies

400 Hz
2 kHz

Dimensions (W x H x D)

10-3/8" x 19-5/16" x 15-1/4"


44lbs. 2 oz.



Real Wood Veneers, Dark Teak Wood (satin finish)


Black Cloth