Home Theater System

Suggested Price: $500.00

With a powerful AV receiver at its core, the HTP-210 system delivers both high-octane home theater and multi-channel music. For home theater, the VSX-D510 AV receiver features Dolby Digital and DTS decoding, and delivers 100 Watts of power to each of five channels (namely, the system's speakers: two front speakers, two rear speakers, and a center channel speaker). These speakers are designed to work with one another and they're acoustically matched, to reproduce all of a movie's soundtrack detail. And, an 8", 100-Watt self-powered subwoofer delivers the deep bass critical to movie soundtracks and music as well. The HTP-210 features superb reproduction of CD's and it's also capable of reproducing DVD-Audio, an emerging, multi-channel music format that surpasses the CD in sound quality. A pre-programmed AV remote is included for controlling the system (including a satellite receiver). And, because the HTP-210 is designed as a system, set-up is easy.