Noise Canceling Headphones with Surround Mode

  • Reduces Unwanted Ambient Noise
  • Surround Sound Feature
  • Only Available Direct From Pioneer
  • 1 Cent Shipping

Suggested Price: $99.00


Reduce outside noise and truly enjoy your music on the road, in the office or at home.  These noise canceling headphones also bring a high level of comfort, a surround mode and are collapsible for easy storage.


Shut Out Distractions, Hear More Music

Cancel out noise from jet engines, subways, office printers and washing machines.  These headphones provide 15dB noise reduction at 300Hz. So listen to your favorite music or music dialogue in the relaxed environment you desire.


All Immersive Listening Experience

These headphones come with a special (SRS) Headphone mode that makes the music or movie more immersive and encompassing than the standard stereo you experience with most headphones. This mode is perfect for listening to movies or live music performances.

The headphones come with three listening modes:

  • Noise Canceling
  • Noise Canceling with SRS Headphone Surround
  • Normal Listening


Perfect For Travel and Home

These headphones have a unique folding design that makes them easy to pack or carry. They also come with an airplane adaptor to get you through those long flights.

But don’t limit yourself to travel, use them to shut out the sound of your dyer, dish washer or other household noise.  In addition, switch on the (SSR Headphone) surround mode for late night viewing of your favorite action film while your family sleeps.


Only Available From Direct From Pioneer

These headphones are currently only available in the US on this web site and at our retail store in South Coast Plaza in Southern California.