Pioneer BD-Live Blu-ray Disc® Player

  • BD-Live Compliant with 1GB Internal Memory and USB Expansion with HDD Support
  • PQLS for Jitter-Free 2-Channel Music Playback
  • 7.1-Channel AnalogOutputs/4 Burr-Brown Audio DACs
  • Source Direct Mode



Suggested Price: $299.00

For the complete movie enthusiast the Pioneer® BDP-320 Blu-ray Disc® player is designed to deliver what the director intended, and in all the glory of 1080p high-definition resolution

With state of the art technologies that offer everything from an Advanced Picture Control Suite supported by 48-bit Deep Color and 1080p DVD upscaling, a spectacular picture is a given whether you’re enjoying your current DVD library or the latest Blu-ray Disc title. Add to that 7.1 channel surround outputs powered by 4 Burr-Brown® audio DACs and everything you hear is also equally impressive as well.

With 2-Channel PQLS, jitter-free CD audio transmits flawlessly to any PQLS-equipped Pioneer receiver to deliver optimal sound.

And there’s even more with BD-Live. Like 1GB of internal memory so you can enjoy additional special disc content as well as the ability to download additional Internet-based content like movie trailers and games right out of the box.

For those looking for an engaging and exciting home theater experience, the BDP-320 and its feature-rich package will do anything but disappoint.

For more information, please download our latest product brochure now available through the ‘Documents’ tab.