DVD Player with Multi-channel DVD Audio and SACD Playback

Suggested Price: $1,200.00

This one's a "no brainer". Its dual i-Link outputs pass both new and exciting multi-channel music formats (DVD-Audio, SACD) in the digital domain to a receiver (like our VSX-49TXi) with a single cable, for unprecedented purity and convenience. As an audio player, the DV-47Ai plays DVD Audio, multi-channel SACD (Super Audio CD), CD, CD-R, and MP3 discs, ensuring compatibility with all key audio formats for years to come. Triple 192kHz/24bit audio DACs, six-channel audio output, and the latest in surround decoding provide a truly stunning audio performance. And as a video player, the DV-47Ai plays DVD-Video and DVD-R/RW, and features 108MHz/12-bit video processing and Pioneer's PureCinema progressive scan for a spectacular visual experience. Bass Management lets you control the amount of bass sent to your speakers, for better multi-channel sound (and added speaker protection). The Elite two-year warranty applies.