6x Slim Portable USB 2.0 BD/DVD/CD Burner. Supports BDXL™ format. Ultra lightweight. USB Bus Powered. CyberLink® software included.

  • Ultra Lightweight and Portable (8.5 oz)
  • Reads and Writes to BDXL media (up to 128GB on one disc)
  • Auto Quiet, PowerRead™, and PureRead 2+ features
  • Up to 6x writing speed on BD-R & BD-R DL media


    Frequently Asked Questions for the BDR-XD04


    1. - Are both USB connectors needed for operation?

    Answer: Some computers output less power than others through the USB ports. On some PCs, one USB cable is enough, but to be safe and to avoid write errors, connecting both USB cables is highly recommended.  If using only one USB connector, the main USB connector must be used, not the secondary connector (short cable) that is attached to the main connector.


    2. - How can I get my disc out of the drive when it’s not powered?

    Answer: There is a lever on the bottom of the drive. Moving the lever back will cause the cover to open even when there is no power applied to the drive.


    3. - When installing the CyberLink software, why do I get the message "This software can only be installed with a Pioneer device.  The setup will abort."?

    Answer: The BDR-XD04 must be connected directly to the computer with its 2 USB connectors when installing the CyberLink software. Please ensure the BDR-XD04 is connected and recognized by the operating system and then restart the software installation.  


    4. - Is connection by USB 2.0 fast enough to watch Blu-ray titles?

    Answer: To watch Blu-ray titles, you need to read the Blu-ray Disc at 1x.  To watch Blu-ray 3D titles, you need to read the disc at 2x.  Connection by USB 2.0 can allow reading of Blu-ray Discs up to 6x, so USB 2.0 is more than enough in most operating environments.  


    5. - Can I see the files I burned to a BDXL disc on any Blu-ray drive?

    Answer: BDXL discs can only be read on BDXL drives.  


    6. - Can I use the BDR-XD04 with other burning/playback/editing software?

    Answer: The BDR-XD04 will work with newer software in a Windows 7, Vista, or XP SP3 environment. In a limited way, it will even work with Mac OS X software. However, as with all current Blu-ray drives, it will not work with playback software that does not support Bus Encryption. Bus Encryption was implemented into playback software in 2011.


    7. - If using other software, how can I still use the Pioneer High Speed USB driver?

    Answer: The Pioneer USB High Speed Driver will only be installed when the bundled CyberLink software is installed. If using other software, it is recommended to install the bundled CyberLink software first so the Pioneer USB driver is installed. Without the Pioneer USB High Speed Driver, 6x writing on BD-R media may not be possible.


    8. - Does the BDR-XD04 work in a Mac OS X environment?

    Answer: Although Pioneer does not guarantee operation with Mac OS X, being that the drive is connected through USB, the drive can operate in a Mac OS X environment (tested with Mac OS X 10.6.7). The drive should be able to read and write to Blu-ray, DVD, and CD media but it depends on the Mac OS software (finder/disc utility/etc). Video playback also depends on the Mac OS software. Note that the bundled CyberLink software does not work in the Mac OS X environment. Read and write performance will not be the same in a Mac OS X environment.


    9. - Can I use the drive in a vertical orientation?

    Answer: No, the drive should only be used in a horizontal (lying down) orientation.


    10. - How can I change the PureRead and Auto Quiet Mode settings?

    Answer: PureRead and Auto Quiet Mode can be configured as well as enabled and disabled with the Pioneer BDR-XD04 Drive Utility. This utility is provided on the CyberLink software disc. The utility is not automatically installed with the CyberLink software. To start the utility, go to “X:\Pioneer Drive Utilities\BDR-XD04” where “X” is the drive where the Cyberlink software disc is loaded. Ensure that the BDR-XD04 is connected to the computer and then double click on “Pioneer BDR-XD04 Drive Utility.exe”.


    11. - I started the Pioneer BDR-XD04 Drive Utility. Why are all the options grayed-out and it says “Target is not found”?

    Answer: Ensure that the drive is connected and recognized by the computer before starting the utility. Ensure that the correct utility (BDR-XD04) is used and not the BDR-2207 utility. Connect the drive to the PC with the two USB cables and restart the BDR-XD04 utility.


    12. - Can I connect the BDR-XD04 to a PC through a USB hub?

    Answer: If the USB hub is powered (AC adapter), the BDR-XD04 may work, however the drive’s read and write speed may be reduced. The BDR-XD04 will not work if the USB hub is not powered.


    13. - Why can’t I play Blu-ray titles or high definition copy protected content, but I can play DVDs?

    Answer: From January 1, 2012, all playback software is required to disable analog outputs from the PC for high-definition copy protected content. For such content, an HDCP display (monitor/TV) is required and it must be connected to the PC using a digital DVI (DVI-D), HDMI, or DisplayPort cable. The best way to know if a display supports HDCP is if it has HDMI inputs. The next best way is to look at the display's user manual. When playing non-copy-protected high definition video (such as home videos), or copy protected DVDs, the computer’s analog outputs are enabled and non-HDCP display systems will work. Note: This limitation is not applicable to notebook computers with built-in displays, only when using external monitors.


    14. - Why won't the CyberLink software work properly in Windows 8?

    Answer: If the CyberLink software disc shipped with the drive shows SR: MES110922-03 on the disc label, then a free update from CyberLink is needed for the software to work properly in Windows 8.  If the disc label has SR: MES120813-02, then the software already supports Windows 8 and nothing else needs to be done.  To download the free update, run the "CyberLink Media Suite" software by either double clicking the icon on your desktop, or single clicking the Media Suite tile. Once Media Suite is running, there will appear a row of icons at the bottom of the window.  Above the "Utilities" icon which is second from the right, there is an icon that looks like an up arrow.  Click on this arrow.  The free update for PowerDVD, Power2Go, and PowerDirector will be displayed as a green plus sign.  Click on a plus sign to download the free update.  Once you click, a website will be opened.  Click on the "Download Free Update" link near the top of the page.  When prompted, click on the "Run" button twice to install the update.  Once the update is downloaded, click the "Next" button, then "Yes" to accept the agreement, and then click on "Finish".  Close the website page, open Media Suite again, click on the up arrow and repeat to update all the software.  Note that the update for PowerDirector is large (about 770MB) and will take a while to download and install.

    Note that "Free Update" is different from "Upgrade Software".  Upgrade software is to upgrade to the lastest CyberLink software at an additional fee.  This is not needed for the software to work in Windows 8.


    Have additional questions? 

    Contact Pioneer Technical Support at: 800-872-4159