iControlAV2012 allows you to control your 2012 Pioneer AV Receiver and Blu-ray DiscTM Player with your iOS or AndroidTM Devices. Friends and family will be truly amazed as you take control of your home theater in a whole new way.


4 sections offer you near-complete operational and settings control.

Not only does iControlAV2012 covers the basic functions of the AV Receiver (power, volume, input selection, and sound and video modes, balance and tone, etc) for the main zone (To be able to power on your AV Receiver using iControlAV2012, it is necessary to Turn ON the "Network Standby" setting beforehand.) , but also for additional zones as applicable; even internet radio and media server content navigation is integrated . And more, Basic functions such as Play, Stop, Forward, and Reverse are supported for the Blu-ray Disc Player.

Sound Explorer
A brand new fun-meets-function approach where no less than 18 Pioneer unique sound adjustment functions can be operated and experienced. Want a sound field that is wider than possible with your available speakers? Please play around with Virtual Wide, Virtual Height, and Virtual Surround Back in "Virtual Speakers". You can directly jump to on-line video animations that clearly explain and show the benefits of many Pioneer original sound modes.

Balance and Emphasis
Virtual motion adaptive functions that allow you to change the "sweet-spot" of your home theater, independently adjust the volume of your center speaker or subwoofer just by tilting your Android devices. "Emphasis" mode also features "Finger EQ" where you can adjust the sound equalization instantly with the touch of your finger.

iPhone®Screen Shots


Compatible Models

Pioneer AV Receivers Elite AV Receivers Blu-ray Disc Players
SC-1522-K SC-68 BDP-150
SC-1222-K SC-67 BDP-62FD
VSX-1122-K SC-65 BDP-53FD
  SC-63 BDP-52FD
  SC-61 BDP-140
  VSX-60 BDP-43FD


Complete line of Pioneer Apps
Pioneer apps are available free of charge for iOS and Android devices. Please view specifications listed on iTunes and Google Play to confirm compatibility with your device.


*All models require optional AS-BT200 Bluetooth Adapter

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