Elite® THX Ultra 2 7.1 Channel A/V Receiver

  • 160 Watts x 7 Channels (FTC, 6 ohms)
  • Advanced MCACC Room Calibration
  • LCD Touch Panel Remote Control

Suggested Price: $4,000.00

Energy StarOur flagship VSX-59TXi is the world's first A/V Receiver to offer playback capability of Windows Media® Audio 9- Professional encoded media making multi-channel streaming, recorded, and even packaged PC audio in the living room, on the “big system”, a reality today! Dual i.Link™ digital interfaces provide easy “firewire” connectivity of multi-channel DVD-A, SACD, as well as other multi-channel digital audio signal transmissions between a DVD player and the receiver. The benefit: unmatched multi-channel audio processing, using ONE wire. The VSX-59TXi meets LucasFilm's THX -Ultra2 requirements for audio playback of all multi-channel movie and music formats including DVD-Audio and SACD; as well as processing of all wide-bandwidth video signals (like High Definition TV) with no picture degradation. For easy, accurate system setup, an advanced version of our Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration Circuit (MCACC) identifies and evaluates each speakers frequency response; in time, distance, and volume levels for your specific room's environment and calibrates all channel output creating the most accurate 3-Dimensional multi-channel audio sound experience available anywhere. Advanced MCACC even provides PC connectivity so that graphic representations of your room's unique acoustic signature can be seen visually so you can see where the most calibration should be applied. The VSX-59TXi includes a new state-of-the-art LCD re-chargeable touch-panel remote control and the Elite two-year warranty.

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