Professional Tabletop Multi Player

  • Multi format playback: MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF audio files on CD and USB memory devices
  • Slip Mode creates smooth transitions when Loop, Reverse or Scratch ends
  • Advanced auto beat loop


Suggested Price: $1,299.00

Jog Size 206mm
Display FL
Compatible Media Audio CD/CD-R/CD-RW/USB Devices
Format Type CD Audio/MP3/WAV/AAC/AIFF
Compatible with rekordbox Yes
File Sharing (LINK) Yes
Quantize Yes
USB Type A Yes
USB Type B Yes
CD-Text Yes
MIDI Control Yes
HID Control Yes
Compatible with rekordbox Yes
Audio Interface Function Yes
File Sharing (Up to 4 Players) USB/rekordbox
rekordbox LINK (Drag & Drop) Yes
Live Sampler (Only available with DJM-2000) Yes
Status Information (Only with DJM-2000/900nexus) Yes
Display Device FL
TEXT Display (Number of title lines) 4 Line
Auto BPM Counter Yes
Playing Address Yes
Cue/Loop Memory Point Yes
Hot Cue Point Yes
JOG Display Yes
Search Jump Function Page Jump / Alphabet Jump
Keyword Search Yes
Tag List - Sort Yes
History Memory Yes
Super Fast Search Yes
Cue Point Setting Yes
Back Cue Yes
Auto Cue Yes
Cue Point Sampler Yes
Loop Yes
Loop Adjustment IN/OUT Adjust
4 Beat Loop (Emergency Loop) Yes
Auto Beat Loop Yes
Loop Cutter Yes
Fader Start & Back Cue Yes
Reverse Yes
Quantize Yes
0.5 Frame Step Yes
Slip Mode Yes
Jog Size 206mm
Jog Mode CDJ / Vinyl
Touch Sensitive Jog Yes
Vinyl Speed Adjustment(Touch & Release) Yes (1 Knob)
Master Tempo Yes
Tempo Control Range (Music CD Format) +/-6%, +/-10%, +/-16%, +/-100%
Tempo Control Range (MP3) +/-6%, +/-10%, +/-16%, +/-100%
Tempo Control Range (AAC/WAV/AIFF) +/-6%, +/-10%, +/-16%, +/-100%
Tempo Control Steps 0.02%
Pitch Bend JOG
Shock-Proof Memory Yes
Cue/Loop Memory Yes
Memory USB
Digital Audio Output Yes
Resume Play Yes
Auto Standby Mode Yes
Included Accessories Owners Manual/Power Cord/RCA Cable/Control Cable/LAN Cable/rekordbox software/Forced Eject Pin
Frequency Response 4Hz - 20kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 115 dB (JEITA)
Distortion 0.003 % (JEITA)
Power Consumption 26 W
Dimensions (W x D x H inches) 12.01 x 14.78 x 4.55
Weight 8.6 lbs