Professional Digital Turntable


Suggested Price: $860.00

Downloads & Updates

Description Release Date Version Number Cost Download




Driver Description File Size
CDJ-400 Driver Installation Guide 195 kb

CDJ-400 Driver ver. 1.20-Driver for support when connecting

to CDJ-2000 Nexus

995 kb
Firmware Description File Size
CDJ-400 Firmware update procedure to v1.30 39 kb
CDJ-400 Firmware Update - Ver. 1.33 (WIN) 1,182 kb
CDJ-400 update to Firmware version 1.30 (MAC) 1,182 kb

Extract the file before updating the CDJ-400 firmware.

  1. Download the firmware file to your computer
  2. Double-click the downloaded file to extract the firmware.
  3. Select a folder to extract file to then click the OK button.
    Extracted file name : CDJ400.HEX

NOTE : You can either use USB Memory(*) or CD-R to update CDJ-400.
*USB Memory will need to be formatted in FAT or FAT32.


Support for Mountain Lion OS X (10.8)