6¾" (Oversized 6½") 4-Way Speaker with 280 Watts Maximum Power

  • 50 Watts Nominal Power
  • "Open and Smooth" Sound Design
  • 1-1/4" Lightweight Balanced Dome Midrange


Suggested Price: $100.00

Composite IMPP Cone with Interlaced Dual aramid fiber
With long aramid fibers interlacing together inside, this IMPP cone design provides the strength and rigidity that powerful bass sound requires. High-density compressed internal architecture is resilient, stacks up against high power well and transfers sound quickly. The result is full-bodied, rich sound character with midrange depth that conventional IMPP cones cannot match.

Power Handling
The TS-A1782R handles a full 280 watts max. power (50 watts nominal). So, what did we have to give up? Not a thing. Along with bigger power handling, you still get the same high performance that all the TS-A’s deliver.