Bring the World of Surround Sound Audio into your Vehicle with our 5.1 DSP

  • Multi-Channel Auto-EQ and Auto-Time Alignment
  • MOSFET 50 x 5 channel high power
  • 6-Channel Hi-Volt Preamp Outputs

Suggested Price: $450.00


  • 5.1-Channel Digital Audio Processor
  • Built-in Dolby® Digital / DTS™ / Dolby® Pro Logic® II* / Linear PCM Decoder
  • 24-bit 6-Channel DAC & 6-Channel DSP
  • Digital Sound Control (6 modes)*
  • Time Alignment & Speaker Set-up Mode
  • 4.1-Channel Down Mixing
  • Multi-Channel AUTO-EQ Setting (Mic Included)*
  • Multi-Channel AUTO-Time Alignment (0 ~ 200inch)*
  • MOSFET50 (50W x 5-Channel High Power)
  • 6-channel Hi-Volt Preouts (Front L&R, Rear L&R, Center, Subwoofer) (5V)
  • High-Pass Crossover (HPF): 63/80/100/125/160/200Hz
  • Subwoofer Crossover (LPF): 63/80/100/125/160/200Hz, +/-10dB
  • 3-Band, 3-Channel Parametric EQ (Center, Front, Rear) with 7 presets (5 fixed, 2 custom)
  • Listening Position Selector
  • Source Level Adjuster (SLA)
  • 2 Optical Inputs (1 for DVD main units and 1 for DVD source players)
  • IP-Bus Input/Output
  • 1-Day Back-up Memory
  • Optional Center Channel Speaker (TS-CX7) is available
  • Optional Multi-Channel Controller (AXM-P8000) required for use with AVIC-Z1, AVIC-N3, AVIC-N2, AVIC-N1 and AVX-P8DVD

* Dolby® Pro Logic® II, Digital Sound Control (6 modes), Multi-Channel AUTO-EQ Setting and Multi-Channel AUTO-Time Alignment features are only available when used with AVH-P6600DVD or AXM-P8000. All other standard features are available when used with AVH-P6500DVD, DVH-P7000, or DVH-P5000MP.