Integrated In-Dash DVD/CD Player with a Motorized 6.5 LCD Color Display

  • DVD Video, CD, CD with MP3/ WMA Playback
  • Standalone or IP-Bus Control Capability
  • Remote Control Included

Suggested Price: $1,000.00

Want the ultimate entertainment and information system for your vehicle? Compliment your Pioneer Car Stereo purchase with this din-sized add-on monitor that includes DVD! The AVX-P8DVD is the perfect "add-on" video source unit for a Pioneer CD Player. You can literally control your CD Player using the touch panel screen of the AVX-P8DVD.

Check out these great new DVD features...

DVD Auto Play: Eliminates the need to navigate the DVD menu to begin playing a movie.
Book Mark Play: Memorizes the starting position for up to 5 DVDs. Language and subtitles included in memory.
Eject Book Mark Play: Memorizes at what point the movie was interrupted and will resume playback from that point when the DVD is reinserted in the player.

Premier logo smallPremier® Two-Year Warranty
The warranty on this model is two years — double the warranty period of most headunit models currently on the market.